My name is Marco Maurizio Gobbo and I am founder and CEO of Quattordici.

Since 2001 we help to supply or directly supply quality products, commodities, oem/odm products and take primary responsibility for identifying and developing key suppliers across sourcing categories and help satisfy periodic sourcing requirements of different organization. We help in providing the best service in a large and complex country as China, where a range of sub-markets exist and suppliers and customers span the entire value chain of a product/commodity.

We help in the acquisition and the selling of goods at the best possible total cost, in the right quantity and quality, at the right time. With us you will tapping into skills or resources unavailable domestically, developing alternative supplier/vendor sources to stimulate competition, and increasing total supply capacity.

If this is what you were looking for, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Since 2008 we strive to balance a multi purposes activity, including the fulfillment of aesthetic, artistic visions and expressions with concepts such as marketing, strategic planning, outputs and impacts and it is our primary task to utilize these ideas with an uncompromising dedication to the enhancement of the human experience we call Art.
We assume as our mandate the creation of conditions in which artistic or cultural activities can occur and be sustained in a number of different settings: in art organizations and cultural agencies, local authority offices and venues, during festivals and special projects and events.

We welcome and assess inquiries and offers of cooperation for international projects and events.

With our associate YiShe we are engaged in the import and distribution of fine Italian wines and food in China and East Asia. We do work in close association with the companies that we represent creating the best conditions to implement their own marketing and selling strategies.




  Where & How

Quattordici operative site is located in via F.T. Marinetti, 3 20127 Milano.

Quattordici.it is a free website, born to promote and give visibility to Marco Maurizio Gobbo activities.




Quattordici 14 because:

  • We locate and monitor Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, importers and distributors
  • Take China inland transportation and infrastructure issues into consideration
  • Handle shipment and import/export transactions
  • Conduct Quality Control with in house specialists
  • We engineer and monitor changes in production requirements
  • We access and understand the Chinese market, first hand
  • We are importing, distributing and selling directly into China and East Asia Italian Fine Wines and Food
  • Because we can, and with us You can too